Dr. Baruch Ben-Yehudah - Biography

Dr. Baruch Ben Yehudah has dedicated himself to improving the overall health of his fellow man, perpetuating the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Dr. Baruch received his Naturopathic Doctors Degree from the School of the Prophets Institute at Jerusalem in Israel in 2004. He majored in Communications at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania where he began his career in radio broadcasting. Dedicated to healing people from health related issues caused by poor diet, stress, lack of exercise and educational awareness on controlling ones health, Dr. Baruch developed a revolutionary concept called "Eat the Cure." From his wealth of knowledge developed over 20 years in the health industry "Eat the Cure" shows us how we can cure ourselves from virtually every known ailment by taking a proactive approach to what we allow to enter our bodies. "Eat the Cure" cleanses our minds from the stereotypical illusions of the "Soul Food Diet" and standard American diet.

In 2007, Dr. Baruch began his tenure as a featured health expert on the ABC syndicated Michael Baisden show with his "Your Body is Your Temple" which reaches 13 million plus people on a daily basis and today remains a constant "force" on the show. He was also a guest panelist on the talk show "Baisden After Dark" on TV One. He also served as a nutritional consultant on Michael Baisdens' "Island Jam" held in Jamaica in June 2007.

Dr. Baruch began his career on radio at Lincoln University where he hosted a radio talk show on WLIU dedicated to health. He has enlightened his listening audience on the respected grassroots radio station WPFW. He was featured for many years on WOL on his morning health program. Dr. Baruch has been featured on and hosted radio talk shows for over 20 years inclusive of hosting the "Everlasting Life Health Talk Show" and the "Everlasting Life Self Improvement Hour" on Radio One Inc.

In 1990, Dr. Baruch was appointed as an associate prison minister in the D.C. jail system, where he took on the charge on changing the inmate's outlook on their lives. He became a master at transforming their "quality of life" and their respect from themselves by giving them a more positive outlook spiritually, physically and mentally.

In 1995, Dr. Baruch opened the Everlasting Life Health Complex in Washington, D.C. which features a Juice Bar, bookstore and health food store. In October 2001, he opened a new, larger complex in Capitol Heights, Md. offering a juice bar, restaurant, wellness center and banquet hall. Dr. Baruch's interest in the well being of his fellow man prompted him to expand his life's work from a home business owner to now serving at the national and international level of naturopathic healer, nutritional consultant, marriage counselor and a seasoned business pioneer in the health industry. He lectures nationally and abroad on the topic of achieving optimal health as an outgrowth of a healthy lifestyle changes. He also speaks on the empirical evidence correlating proper nutrition with improved academic performance, behavioral balance, relationship success, etc.

Today, he has a current client base of over 10,000 people in the Washington D.C. area and beyond. A dynamic motivational speaker with a focus on health and well being, a health consultant and advisor to many people in the business industry, churches and government, author of pamphlets and books, relationship counselor, a TV and radio personality and the Health Committee Chairman of several community action organizations including the NAACP, Dr. Baruch is a master in his field. Communicate with Dr. Baruch through his website "Eat the Cure" or his email getwell@drbaruch.com <http://us.mc589.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=getwell@drbaruch.com>.